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Adventures that inspire success


PGL Multi-Activity courses offer more than just adventure. On land, water and in the air, your pupils will discover how 'giving your all' brings its own rewards. Whether they're finding the courage to jump backwards off an abseil tower or building a raft to race across the lake, each challenge helps pupils strengthen friendships, learn new skills and build confidence. 




There are four 90 minute sessions each day and a huge variety of outdoor activities to choose from - each designed to bring out the best in every individual. In the evenings, the fun continues with lively entertainment sessions. 


Learning outcomes


  • Leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving are all key skills that pupils will develop and make progress with on a PGL multi-activity course.

  • Their renewed resilienceenthusiasm and motivation for learning will inspire success in many other areas of their education, often leading to raised levels of attainment.

  • Overcoming new challenges with the support of their peers, teachers and PGL staff helps to improve self-confidence and the ability to take risks in their learning.

  • The outdoors environment provides many opportunities for your pupils to work closely together and will help improve their social awareness and ability to form strong working relationships. 

  • Reaching goals as a team means pupils are able to recognise the achievements of others as well as their own.

  • You’ll notice improvements in many personal qualities such as self-reliance, responsibility, initiative and perseverance.

  • Pupils leave with an appreciation for the benefits of health and physical fitness.


Previous trips


Don't just take our word for it - please see the link below for an overview of our 2021-22 PGL Experience in Weymouth.


The photos displayed are a wonderful reminder of how an experience like PGL can support children's ability to be resilient in the face of new challenges, be reflective and form new relationships with their peers. 


PGL promises to provide a platform and opportunity for the children's personal growth - preparing them for not only Year 5 but their further school journey: Year 6, Secondary School and beyond. 

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